HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last week we started the new year. A new year full of new opportunities and possibilities. Behind the scenes we are of course busy with all the new things to come this year. We will be expanding to other cities this year and the scooters in Tilburg will soon be available to rent by the minute! Super handy if you don’t want to walk that last part of your trip.

Increase electric scooters

In the previous blogpost we let you know that the city of Rotterdam has decided to allow electric scooters from 2020. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked so far. Rotterdam has already placed electric scooters throughout the city that can be unlocked by an app on your mobile phone, but until the standard electric scooters are approved, they are not allowed on the road. Despite the fact that the standard electric scooters are still illegal and therefore not allowed on the road, there is an increase in the use of electric scooters on a national level. IT company Mobco also saw an opportunity in the electric scooters. They wanted to encourage their employees to take public transport and use the scooters for the last few kilometers, in order to reduce car mileage among their employees. Unfortunately, this did not turn out to be entirely successful. It turned out that it often took more time to get to work, because too few trains and/or buses that run between home and work. Still, they remain positive. Manager Ulrik van Schepdael noticed that some employees still use the scooters regularly. Every car kilometer saved has been taken with them.

Prospect 2020

Steven Van Eijk told in a video of Automotive Magazine that they had made an estimate of electric transport in 2019. They had estimated 28,000 electric cars, but at the end of December the counter was already almost at 40,000 electric cars. Van Eijk also says that this year the government must start to understand that the mobility sector is not the cause of the environmental problem, but that it can be the solution. Hopefully a lot of attention will be paid to solutions within the mobility sector this year.

Segway-Ninebot Air T15

Segway introduced a new scooter in the build-up to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Air T15 is different from Segway’s other Ninebot models. According to the company, it is the most compact, energy efficient and lightweight scooter ever introduced for urban use. This scooter is different because this model is not fully electric. This scooter allows you to move forward just like any other normal scooter, by taking off on the ground with your foot. The difference is that the e-scooter immediately calculates the friction and condition of the road. The scooter then automatically adjusts itself to your speed so you can maintain a constant speed. To increase your driving speed, simply take off a few extra times. Just like you do with a normal scooter. Braking is done by pressing the brake at the rear wheel with your foot. In fact, this scooter looks like a scooter with cruise control. Next week Segway will introduce this Ninebot Air T15 at the CES in Las Vegas with three other electric vehicles.