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Development of e-scooters in the Netherlands

So far, developments in the field of e-scooters haven’t progressed much further. Negotiations on the legalization of electric scooters are still ongoing. A survey in the Instagram stories of bnnvarakassa shows that 43% of their followers are in favor of the legalization of electric scooters, but that means that 63% prefer not to have the scooters on the road. They say they don’t trust themselves enough with such a scooter in traffic.

Development of e-scooters San Francisco

In contrary to last year’s ban on electric scooters after residents complained about overcrowded streets and illegally parked scooters, the scooters are now allowed back into the city. This initiative is part of an urban initiative to gradually increase the availability of scooters. This time without provoking the chaos.

At the moment there are three companies that are allowed to let their electric scooters take to the streets. Spin, Lime and Jump, an Uber owned company. Until now they were allowed to have 500 scooters each on the road, but that will change. All three companies are allowed to add 250 scooters to their supply in San Francisco. Even though there are still people who drive on the pavement and get minor injuries here and there, the reintroduction is going well.

However, many questions remain unanswered. For example, what is done with the batteries when they are at the end of their lives? Or how can companies be held responsible for the equal distribution of scooters throughout the city and what can the city do to improve pedestrian safety on the pavement?

So the inhabitants still have a lot of questions and hope that this time things will go better in terms of the extent to which the scooters are used, that there will not be another chaos in the city. But the 750 steps in total will be added anyway. The inhabitants can therefore prepare for the fact that instead of 2,500 steps driving around in San Francisco, the number will be 3,250 from now on. The plan is that this number will grow even further in the coming months. San Francisco will allow each company to add another 250 steps in February.

It remains to be seen whether this slow reintroduction will work and not be counterproductive. That’s why it might be a good idea, if you’re in San Francisco, to step on the electric scooters without music in your ears. Even without music you can of course enjoy all the beautiful things the city has to offer.