At the end of November, the trade fair for mobility again took place in the exhibition centre in Houten. Just like last year, new initiatives can be found on the exhibition floor. VR sessions, electric city cars and this year we from Citysteps were also at the fair. The many exhibitors and visitors provided a lot of inspiration.

The scooter competitors

Although we currently have a strong position in the Dutch market with the first steps approved by RDW, we must always keep an eye on what our competitors are doing and what the legislation is like. So we were certainly not the only ones at the fair with electric scooters. The American companies Lime and Bird were also there. Our stands were fairly close to each other, which made it easy to see the differences between the companies, but also to talk to each other about the state of affairs.

The innovation square

This year we were invited by The Future Mobility Network. The Future Mobility Network provides a platform for startups, student teams, concepts, innovations and new vehicles. They were responsible for putting together the innovation square. A small number of companies with the latest innovations were located at the innovation square. Everything was both explained and demonstrated and, if the innovation was capable of doing so, tested by you.

With three of our scooters, we went to Houten to be there as an exhibitor. With our chat ready, we represented our company. It was a busy day with many visitors and other exhibitors who occasionally took a tour to see all the other innovations in the field of mobility. If a product, technology or service was interesting, a chat was held with the exhibitor in question. From startups to the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management. Many different companies were present.

VR sessions

Lectures were also given during the fair. One of the lectures was about infrastructure in intensively built-up areas such as Amsterdam. During this lecture, you could wear VR glasses (Virtual Reality glasses) and walk into the new Albert Cuyp garage. This new parking garage opened mid-2018 and offers a solution for the limited space that the inner city of Amsterdam has to offer. This solution freed up space for pedestrians and cyclists, but also more greenery. Because it is densely built-up, there is often little room left for greenery in a city. The environment and the climate are increasingly being taken into account by the people, so municipalities have to take advantage of this as well. They have an exemplary function and will have to find creative ways to bring nature back to its cities. A garage located under the Amsterdam canals is, therefore a good solution.

The electric city car

Citysteps represents a sustainable option of transport, namely with the scooters. However, electric scooters are not the only green mode of transport. The electric car is, of course, one of them. Birò is one of the innovative companies that focuses on this and was present at the trade fair. The Birò car is a compact and 100% electric car designed for the increasingly busy city. The Birò is three times as small as an average car, so it takes up a lot less space when parking. This leaves more living space and room for greenery. Birò also has a shared platform which makes it possible to share your Birò with friends, family or colleagues. This way, we will reduce emissions together and create a cleaner, quieter and greener city.