Photo: Etergo

Many traffic accidents are caused by people often using their phones while driving. Not only in the car, but also on the bike and on the scooter. Etergo has come up with a solution for this. An electric scooter with Wi-Fi!


Since July 1st it is no longer allowed in the Netherlands to use your phone while cycling, and certainly not on the scooter. Yet people still do it, which doesn’t reduce the risk of an accident. Etergo came up with the solution: Wi-Fi on the scooter. But isn’t that just as dangerous? The scooter has a 7 inch touchscreen on which you can use various apps. To put safety first, the touchscreen blocks when you’re driving. However, you can use the most important functions by means of the buttons on the handlebar. Via Bluetooth you can connect to your phone. This allows you to operate your phone without taking your hands off the wheel. You can answer calls as well as listen to music and control your navigation.

Purchase anxiety

Many people experience fear of buying an electric vehicle. The stumbling block for most people is that electric scooters often cannot cover long distances. Because it is difficult to store multiple batteries in the scooters. The design of this Appscooter makes it possible to store up to three batteries in the scooter. This makes it possible to travel up to 240 km. You can choose when purchasing this scooter for 1, 2 or 3 batteries. To charge the batteries you can choose to charge your scooter at a charging station, but you can also easily take them out and take them inside and charge them in a standard socket. This way they have lowered the threshold to buy their product rather than other electric scooters.

Storage space

Each scooter has storage space under the saddle. Often this storage space is not very large and only fits a few things, so when you do your shopping you put most of it in a bag between your legs. Because it doesn’t all fit. This is because most batteries for electric scooters are big and bulky and therefore take up a lot of space in the scooter. The slim design of the batteries of the Appscooter leaves a lot more storage space. So much that even a whole crate of beer or two helmets can fit in it. This gives them even more storage space than a traditional petrol scooter.

Animation: Etergo


During the creation of the scooter they looked a lot at Tesla’s cars. “Those cars get software updates from a distance, which makes them perform better right away. We also apply the same principle to our scooters. They all have a 4G connection, which allows for over-the-air updates.” Thus co-founder Bart Rosier.

The scooter is currently available for pre-order in seven different colors. Shiny black, white, red or yellow. And in matte black, matte blue and matte grey. Other colors might be added in the coming years.